This Is For The Real Estate Agent That Needs Their Business Organized and Needs To Generate New Opportunities ASAP!

Stop wasting time with old school ways and excuses.

Learn New Ways To Market Your Services-IMMEDIATELY!



Most agents think, "If I could only get some leads" BUT "leads" will not help you....
IF your business isn't setup correctly!

I've seen three common problems with Real Estate Agents:

1st Problem

Most agents rely too heavily on the brokerage that holds their license to provide critical foundational elements to their career, like branded email, websites and lead opportunities. Agents do not understand they are individual business owners, just like their broker and need to build THEIR own name. 

2nd Problem

There are a huge percentage of agents that are part time, wanting to transition into full time but struggle with getting their first client and continue using old school ways, with no clear plan on how to transition.

3rd Problem

You are getting clients but don't have any streamlined processes or structure in place to help you navigate all the responsibilities, while staying focused on new business opportunities. 

I understand you get courses, coaching and gurus thrown at you daily, so I promise not to waste your time or money.  Let me ask you, if you continue down the same path you are on now and you are not getting the results you want, how can change happen if nothing new is implemented?


Ways This Will Help You...

  • Organize and Structure Your Business
  • Brand and Market Your Business The Right Way 
  • Define Your Goals and Create Accountability Measures
  • ​Create Structured Daily Routines
  • ​Generate New and Repeat Business Opportunities

It's everything you probably haven't been taught. You will get streamlined processes, built with the latest technology to start getting business and keep your pipeline full. Even if you have been in the business for a while. 

Get Instant Access To The Material 24/7

Real Estate Agent Marketing Suite

Templates and Training You Will Get: 

  • Structure of A LLC Business  
  • ​Custom Logo, Domain, Branded Gmail
  • Daily Routines  
  • ​Presentations and Responsibilities 
  • CRM with Email Templates 
  • ​​Facebook/Instagram Buyer Lead Ads 
  • ​​​Custom Spreadsheet Swipe Files
  • ​How To Convert Online Leads 
  • ​How To Negotiate A Contract
  • ​Contract To Close Process 
  • Database Referral Process 
  • ​Facebook Group Support  

  You'll also get these amazing bonuses

  Lead Chatbot Template

Time Management and Goal Setting Tools

Lead Labeling and Conversion 

Regular Price $197

One Time Payment

Get It Today = $37

  • All orders processed over a secure network.
Wouldn't it feel amazing to be the closing table knowing you have done everything you are suppose to for your clients. 
Rebecca Coates Associate Broker and owner of 3CR Digital Marketing brings a unique flavor of entrepreneurial style to thrive in today's highly competitive environment. Rebecca is a successful real estate broker, online marketing strategist and business consultant. The former owner for more than 5 years of a Louisiana boutique brokerage herself, Rebecca comes with extensive training and knowledge. She has served on her local Board of Realtors and has been coached by some of the top names in both the Real Estate and Marketing industries including, Corcoran Coaching and Consulting, Lars Hedenborg, Owner of Real Estate B School and Julie Stoian,  Digital Marketing Expert and Coach.
She has been awarded with Agent of the Year, Top Website Converter, Silver Award Winner and Recognition for Outstanding Service during her 14 year career.   

All the fundamentals a Real Estate Agent needs to do their job with easy to duplicate technology 
templates and swipe files that will help you acquire the clients you want ...I start with the very basics and move right into lead generation, lead conversion and client retention protocols.

...Kay, while a very seasoned and productive agent, wanted to up her production to really push herself. She implemented this system and immediately got results

Kay L.

I understand trust has to be earned.

If you're not 100% satisfied with the course after 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

So you can take it today, have 7 days to explore the material and experience everything it has to offer and then make your decision if it's a good fit for you. 

Regular Price $197

Limited Time Offer-
One Time Payment

Get It Today = $37

  • All orders processed over a secure network.

A lot of agents get lost in the "shiny object" phase and end up not implementing anything because they feel overwhelmed from all the options on the market.

Quick Look Inside: 

 Once I figured out that I needed to segment my business to see any real change, 
it was a game changer.

I have a special offer just for you.

What's Included in The Real Agent Marketing Suite


Building The Foundation

In this workshop you will learn how to Brand Your Name and I'll show you how to set all your systems up for maximum efficiency,  including email, scheduler, social media platforms and Facebook Business Manager.

What You'll Come Away With: 

  • Professional Image
  • Your logo, branded documents/systems
  •  Swipe Files
  • Optimized Systems, includes CRM
  • Marketing Swipe Files
  • ​Automated Technology 

Custom Built Buyer Lead Messenger Chatbots, including Your Digital Business Card that will  show you how to generate leads without needing an IDX website. 

  • MLS List to Buyer Quiz: How to offer a list of homes with ads (both paid and free) that pushes potential clients to a Buyer Quiz.
  • Buyer or Seller Flow: A process to decipher rather the lead is a buyer, seller or both, so you will know how to help them.
  • Custom Lead Followup Drip Sequence: Customize these emails with your information and the system you implement will automatically go to leads to help you convert them. 
  • PreApproval Quiz: A quick quiz you can offer potential buyers that will give them insight into what they could expect during the mortgage loan process.
  • Credit Class Flow: This flow helps an agent ease into assisting a buyer with their number 1 fear when thinking about buying a house, their credit score. 
  • Open House Procedure & QR Flyer: Make it easy for your open house visitors to have information at their fingers tips, while learning more about you and you capturing their information also.  


Defining Expectations

In this workshop you have spreadsheets that will assist you in setting realistic goals and providing you with daily milestones.

What You'll Come Away With: 

  • Buyer Agent Job Description 
  • Daily Routines to Follow
  • ​Understanding How Agents Are Paid
  • ​Goal Setting Spreadsheet

Setting Goals, Managing Your Time and Understanding How To Scale Your Success.

  • ​Time Management Fundamentals: How to understand you are not managing your time but rather your outcomes. 
  • Sample Social Media Routine : Making yourself and your services stand out among the masses is key. Do what others won't do. Very very few are committed to their careers, this is where you can excel. 
  • Sample Agent Goal Sheet: Goal setting can be one of the hardest tasks. You will have a sample agents goal sheet to help get you started. 
  • Mortgage Loan Types:  It never fails, a buyer will ask you about loans. You should understand at least the basics and then refer them to your preferred lender partner.
  • ​Client Referral Form:  This form could be used a few different ways.  1. If you have a client that you do not want to work with, refer to another agent and still get paid  2. Until you feel comfortable working with clients sign a referral with another agent in your office and team up on the deal. You learn and your client is happy. That's a win win.  3. You have an out of town client, find an agent in that town and have them sign a referral. 


Everything Lead Generation

One of the biggest mistakes agents make is not following up with leads or clients, not managing their closing process and not creating a referral database. This system will give you a step by step guide to creating and understanding the process. 

What You'll Come Away With: 

  • FREE Lead Generation Techniques
  • ​New Open House Strategy
  • ​Facebook/Instagram Buyer Lead Ads
  • ​Buyer Lead Conversion Techniques
  • ​How To Negotiate A Contract
  • ​How To Get Referrals From Clients

Buyer side Contract To Close System. Learn how to effectively manage your own pending process and get referrals from your closed clients. 

  • ​Buyer Contract Checklist:  This explains what steps are needed to manage your pending buyer side contracts. 
  • ​Step by Step Pending Management: I'll show you how to use gmail as an automated closing process.
  • Email Swipe Templates:  Download these email templates, customize them with your information and use over and over again for all your files. 
  • ​​"After The Sale" Followup Drip Campaign: How to keep an established relationship with clients you have closed to create a lucrative referral business using this followup procedure, using a FREE crm.  
  • QR Code Testimonial Bot:  After you have had a successful closing with a client you will want to begin to build your testimonial database. In this module I give you a custom messenger chatbot in the form of a QR code to have your client scan at closing or even in a followup email via a share link that not only allows them to give you their feedback but to also give you a referral, all in the bot. 
If you can follow a step by step system, you can take yourself into your market with the confidence that you will increase your business and create repeat client opportunities.
You will have all the tools needed to jump start your business and create a professional image to compete in today's real estate industry. 

...Jay has been a Realtor since 2012 and was closing the average 4-5 deals per year. Once he implemented this system he is now on track to triple his production, as a part time agent! 

"I have been working with Rebecca for the past few months. She is very knowledgeable about social media marketing and she delivers! Rebecca has done everything I have ask for to get my online marketing on track. She has presented me with many different ideas, tips, and strategies. If you are ready to take your business to the next level,sell more, and find new clients Rebecca is the one for you! "
Jay E.
Will this work for me? 
 Building a successful business is the result of successfully completing a transaction with as many people as possible in the time we are willing to allot to work.  So many agents throw money at different resources and don't implement, which is key.
How is this different?

This system breaks the information down into bite size steps with foundation building pieces that most agent training doesn't provide. I'll show you how to build your business from the ground up and build your brand.

Who is this for? 
It was designed with the new agent in mind. However, there are elements in the course that will benefit seasoned agents also. 

Is there support?
Yes! You have 3 ways to receive support during and after implementation of the material. Email, Live Chat and our private Facebook group. 

This is an A to Z all inclusive training! 

Regular Price $197

Limited Time Offer-
One Time Payment

Get It Today = $37

  • All orders processed over a secure network.

I understand trust has to be earned.

If you're not 100% satisfied with the course after 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

So you can take it today, have 7 days to explore the material and experience everything it has to offer and then make your decision if it's a good fit for you. 

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